Need Help?

Thanks to our local volunteers we now offering the following services free of charge to our community:


Prescription service: Our volunteers can collect your prescriptions and deliver them to your door. They can also collect your prescription sheet and drop it in to the doctor’s or pharmacy.


Food delivery: We have been supporting Norris’s if Norris' is unable to deliver items to those people in our community that are shielding and self-isolating. Telephone or email your order directly to Norris and we will collect and deliver it to you when it is ready. 730275.


Dog walking: this will be done by a volunteer but is not an insured service so is at the owner’s risk.


Befriending service: a friendly call from a local volunteer to help people who are feeling isolated and just want a chat with someone. This can be daily, weekly or what ever suits you best.


Plant and seed swap: this has started in the church porch. Stock goes fast and is very much dependant on what people bring so no guarantees but you can leave a written request on the notice board if there is something you want. Just add your phone number and what, if anything, you have to swap in return.


Sewing community reassurance masks: we have had a donation of material from Rapanui to make community reassurance masks. If you would like to make some masks then please phone 07858 567164. We can provide a template, instructions and elastic but not thread or sewing machine needles.

The CRAB, Whitwell Helpline

You can call the Community Response and Back up (CRAB), Whitwell Helpline between 10:00 and 13:00 Mon, Wed & Fri with your questions about how to access services, provisions, transport and advice on how to keep safe, well and connected. We are there to support both the community and local business. 


Our volunteers will do their best to help you and to provide further contacts.  You can also email us - see our 'Contacts' page. 


Everyday 9am - 5pm: 

01983 632290

Community Mental Health Services 

Mental wellbeing and health is important to prioritise during periods of extended isolation and stress.


Sevenacres Mental Health Unit at St Mary's operate a 24/7 crisis phone line.


Call their crisis support line if you need help, support or advice. 



Isle of Wight Community Mental Health

01983 522214

IoW Council Helpline

The Isle of Wight Council, in partnership with the Island's voluntary networks, have set up a helpline to support residents affected by self-isolation measures. 

Everyday 9am-5pm:

01983 823 600

The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed it is now in receipt of government grant support amounting to £62.8million to help qualifying Island business ratepayers during the coronavirus crisis.

Payments will begin next week...

Urgent Dental Care

An Urgent Dental Care Hub has now been opened in Ryde for those who have urgent, emergency dental requirements. You must contact your normal dental practice for a referral beforehand.  If no one available, please call 111 for a referral.  The service is for NHS & Private patients.

The Urgent Dental Hub should be able to support those with severe dental pain that cannot be controlled by self help medication, those with fractured teeth and those with facial swelling that is getting worse.

Need Health and Medical Support? 

South Wight Medical Practice 

Niton surgery has temporarily been designated as the organisational hub for the South Wight Medical Practice, and will not be open for appointments.  Limited appointments and new prescriptions will now only be available at be Godshill or Brighstone  surgeries. However, the Niton surgery will continue to provide access to medical services and process repeat prescriptions.

Access to Doctors and Nurses 

The Coronavirus is not affecting the availability of healthcare, but it is changing the way it is delivered.  During the crisis, because appointments at Godshill and Brighstone are limited, we will be offering 'remote' appointments; you will be able to talk to the doctor as usual using a video link from your home or from a venue in Niton.  This will be confirmed shortly by your surgery and on this website. 

However, due to the surge in demand for medical services, we are asking that doctor appointments are limited and made only for more urgent medical problems. 

We are working with South Wight Medical Practice to provide additional support to those people who need to be driven to appointments.  Extra resource is being made available for this.  Check in with the surgery and updates on this website for details. 


Repeat prescriptions for ongoing conditions will not be affected and can be requested through your surgery in the normal way, using the drop-off facility.  They can be collected from Niton Pharmacy or from Godshill or Brighstone surgeries.   

Any Questions? 

If you want further information you can contact the CRAB Helpline 07858  567164 or talk to the South Wight Medical Practice as usual on 01983 730 257


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the recommendation to maintain a sterile site, South Wight Medical Practice will temporarily be open to patients at our Godshill and Brighstone surgeries only.  

Patients that normally collect their medication from Niton will be able collect from either Brighstone or Godshill. Please inform the practice as to which site you would prefer to use.  

Please note; the surgery doors will now be locked.   

If you are collecting medication please see the opening times below. 

If you have a pre-booked appointment, please ring the bell and wait. 

Brighstone Dispensary:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

10.00 – 13.00 

Godshill Dispensary:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

10.00 - 13.00 

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